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ElasticWebinar has been crafted with the latest technologies and was designed to be easy to use. Our professional plan offers everything you need to host high converting automated webinars. Our advanced features such as TimeWalk editor, video streaming, and custom branding (you can use your company URL, not just URL prefix) are not found anywhere outside ElasticWebinar.

Now affordable more than ever, we believe nothing is holding you back from experiencing the premium webinar platform and joining our delighted customers.

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250 Attendee Room Limit

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Video streaming

Custom branding

TimeWalk editor

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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All the features
Your webinars need

Real-time chat
You can chat with your attendees in real-time. Or you can relax and review the messages when the webinar ends.
Automated events
Make your automated webinars look real with pre-defined chat messages, attendance counter, sale alerts and other simulated events.
Product offers
Show a prominent product banner with a call to action when it is time. For a sense of urgency, you may add expiration countdown.
Custom registration form
Specify your own webinar registration form fields to collect the attendee information you need.
Contact list
All your attendees are automatically saved to your contact list. You can easily track their registrations and attendance.
Data export
Export webinar attendees data for offline viewing or advanced spreadsheet calculations.
Just-in-time webinars
Setup your webinars to start within minutes upon registration to maximize attendance.
Webinar replay
Enable webinar replay so people who did not attend can watch it when they have time.
Session statistics
Use our detailed statistics to better understand your customers behavior.
Video streaming
Our adaptive video streaming provides your audience with lag-free experience even on mobile devices.
GDPR compliant
You can enable features such as email double opt-in and automatic lead deletion to comply with strict data protection policies.
Email reminders
Manage the message of webinar related emails with our customizable email configuration.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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If you are not satisfied with ElasticWebinar for any reason, you can contact us within 30 days after the purchase and we will issue you a full refund.
Have any questions?
What does room limit mean?
The attendee room limit is the maximum number of attendees that can be on a webinar at any one given time. If more attendees try to join, attendees over the limit will have to wait until somebody leaves.
Do I have to pay for external services?
No. ElasticWebinar has been made to be self-contained. We host everything for you. So you do not have to pay for hosting your webinar videos, registration pages, or email marketing.
Can the viewer tell if it’s live or recorded?
It is up to you to decide whether you want to make your webinars seem to be live or let your attendees know that they are watching a pre-recorded webinar. In either case, our videos use live stream technology. It is the same technology that live streams use. This way it is much more difficult to find out it is not a live webinar and/or to download the webinar video. On top of that, we support multiple interactive features such as live chat and surveys.
Where should I upload my webinar video?
If you purchased any of our paid plans, we can host the video for you. We support external video links such as Vimeo and Amazon S3 but we strongly recommend using our built-in video hosting. We use a special video streaming technology which makes it harder for your attendees to find out it is a pre-recorded video and/or to download it.
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