4 easy ways to increase your webinar signups

With recent advancements in SaaS, internet technology and digital marketing, webinars have quickly become an extremely popular and widely used medium for prospecting clients and driving potential customers and clients into your sales funnel. Hundreds of webinars are hosted everyday, and millions of businesses all around the world use webinars as part of their marketing and sales process.

So, how can your company or business model take advantage of webinars most effectively and hugely increase your webinar signups? In this article, we’ll explore several straightforward and effective ways to rapidly up your webinar signups from the get go!

Optimize your landing page

Your landing page is the first professional impression of your company that most visitors will see, and if it is demonstrating a new product, service or program, it is absolutely essential that this page fulfills a fantastic first impression.

There are several key elements to a successful landing page and performing a lot of routine A/B testing can give you a good idea of which tactics are working. To draw customers and clients into your sales funnel and push them through the next stage of your webinar’s signup process, you’ll need concise, persuasive sales copy to engage your potential customer and convince them of the value of your product or service.

Furthermore, you need a neat, appealing layout that displays your offering in an aesthetic and attractive way. The landing page also needs to be clean, optimized and functional to use. If a customer struggles to understand where to click/tap and how to actually sign up to your webinar, the very purpose of the landing page is defeated - and you’ll be missing out on literally tens or hundreds of signups!

Your landing page should be functional, streamlined and simple to use, otherwise people will be quickly turned away.

Use attractive promotional images

As they say, a painting is worth a thousand words. This goes as much for marketing as it does for da Vinci, so it is crucial that your landing page is attractive and eye catching.

You can create a variety of landing page templates and display images using free tools such as Canva, or paid software like Photoshop. It’s also important to note that although you may have aesthetic product or service imagery, it may not convert into actual signups if it is not convincing your customers of the value offering in the right way.

If you use a template for beauty products to market a tech fixing service, you’ll get nowhere, because the images will be targeted towards beauty customers and not prospects who need their computers fixed! So, perform a great deal of split testing to figure out which images are most successful and convert the most landing page visitors into actual signups. You may want to play about with as many as five to ten different images and layouts to find something that works.

Generally, once something starts to convert very well, don’t mess with it. Just let it work its magic, and if the design starts to not convert later in the future, you can switch it up and find a new template. It’s really simple and just takes a bit of patience and design sense!

Advertise on social media

Social media marketing is rapidly becoming an extremely integral and crucial part of any modern business nowadays.

It allows you to specifically target audiences with certain characteristics and interests, and people who have already shown an interest in your business, product or service. Social media marketing is also massively effective because it is efficient at driving traffic to websites and webinar landing pages, meaning you can embed links in different forms of content or marketing ads and immediately drive traffic to your landing page.

Note that social media marketing is a huge and very complicated topic with hundreds of strategies and tactics. It can take months of dedication, testing and perseverance to build up a serious audience that is actually capable of driving big traffic to your landing page. However, just a little bit of marketing on social media and a few paid ads can kickstart your landing page and target your ideal potential customers.

Encourage people to share the webinar with others

If you’re advertising your webinar to people with certain characteristics and interests, there’s a very good chance they know other people in their same field who also have similar interests.

A great way of continuing to drive exponential levels of traffic to your webinar’s landing page and gaining many sign ups in an evergreen, sustainable and self-driving fashion is to encourage signups to share the landing page with their friends and contacts. This tactic allows you to quickly double, triple and even quadruple the number of people you are reaching and the traffic potential you can draw to your landing page.

By encouraging sign ups to share your company, product or service with their contacts, you drastically increase your network and basically get a great deal of free marketing and advertising. It’s a flawless strategy. When you implement the ideal Calls To Action (CTAs) and widgets, you can make it super easy and compelling for your webinar viewers to share the stream with people they know.

The process drives itself, meaning you get marketing without having to input a great deal of time. You only need to dedicate the time and ingenuity to make a compelling share widget and call to action!

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