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Increase your online sales. Build trust. Reap the benefits of live webinars without the repetitive manual work.

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Webinar live room

Less work, more sales

No one enjoys repetitive tasks. But what to do when your live webinars earn you so much money? Record your best sales pitch once. Run it as often as you want. Even every 15 minutes. With the help of ElasticWebinar.

Quick webinar setup

Everything happens in the browser

A hassle-free, no-download experience for you and your attendees.

Batteries included

ElasticWebinar subscription comes with all essential webinar features. You do not have to purchase third-party services for video hosting or advanced webinar email marketing.

Easy setup

With ElasticWebinar, you will be hosting automated webinars in no time. Everything is simple and intuitive. We even invented TimeWalk to help you match simulated events with prerecorded video presentation.

Webinar events setup

Email reminders

With our advanced email editor, you are not blocked by predefined email templates. You write the whole email text yourself and select when exactly to send out the emails.

Email reminders

Hosted registration

Pick your favorite registration page from a wide selection of registration page templates. Adjust it to match your webinar. Or use the registration popup on your custom registration page.

Webinar registration modal

Simulated events

To properly simulate live webinars and further engage your audience, specify simulated events. Chat messages, polls, sale alerts, product offers, and other automated events will display just like in a live webinar room.

Running webinar live room

Real-time chat

Leave your evergreen webinars on autopilot or seamlessly monitor multiple running webinars from the admin console. Chat with your attendees in real-time and watch their activity.

Mobile live room and administrator chat room

Webinar statistics

Evaluate the performance of your webinars with detailed statistics tracked per webinar session. Export the data for offline use or advanced calculations.

Webinar statistics

Software integrations

For advanced use cases, connect your webinars with thousands of other software services such as CRMs or other marketing tools.

ElasticWebinar Zapier integrations
Webinar events setup

Easy setup

With ElasticWebinar, you will be hosting automated webinars in no time. Everything is simple and intuitive. We even invented TimeWalk to help you match simulated events with prerecorded video presentation.

Highly customizable
registration pages

Explore our library of beautiful registration page templates.

Wide selection

You will find the right template to match your webinar.

Professional design

All templates look sleek out of the box. No design skills necessary from your side.


Convey the right message with customizable text.

Webinar registration page template

All the features
Your webinars need

Real-time chat
You can chat with your attendees in real-time. Or you can relax and review the messages when the webinar ends.
Automated events
Make your automated webinars look real with pre-defined chat messages, attendance counter, sale alerts and other simulated events.
Product offers
Show a prominent product banner with a call to action when it is time. For a sense of urgency, you may add expiration countdown.
Custom registration form
Specify your own webinar registration form fields to collect the attendee information you need.
Contact list
All your attendees are automatically saved to your contact list. You can easily track their registrations and attendance.
Data export
Export webinar attendees data for offline viewing or advanced spreadsheet calculations.
Just-in-time webinars
Setup your webinars to start within minutes upon registration to maximize attendance.
Webinar replay
Enable webinar replay so people who did not attend can watch it when they have time.
Session statistics
Use our detailed statistics to better understand your customers behavior.
Video streaming
Our adaptive video streaming provides your audience with lag-free experience even on mobile devices.
GDPR compliant
You can enable features such as email double opt-in and automatic lead deletion to comply with strict data protection policies.
Email reminders
Manage the message of webinar related emails with our customizable email configuration.

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